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Strikeout PSP Tournament
The Co-ed Slow-Pitch Tournament follows a double-elimination format. Tournament seeding will determine time of play.

Once the opening round games have been played, the winners will move on to the semi-final and championship rounds.

Game Rules

  1. All players must wear athletic shoes or rubber cleats. Metal cleats ARE NOT allowed.
  2. Game times are set. If you do not have a minimum of 6 players at time, your team forfeits.
  3. Each batter gets a maximum of two pitches. On the first pitch, play follows normal play. On the second pitch, the following will result: strike=out; foul ball=out; fair ball=result of play.
  4. Pitchers must use a slow-pitch arc not to exceed 12 feet from the ground (6 ft. minimum arc).
  5. Defensive changes are unlimited provided that the game is not delayed. Once a player leaves the game on defense, they are unavailable for the remainder of the game on both offense and defense. If a player is injured or physically disabled, they may leave and return when they are once again able to play.
  6. Players may take a lead once the pitch is in the air. NO STEALING!
  7. Bunting IS allowed.
  8. Each team may score up to five runs per inning. Once five runs have been scored, the first half of the inning is over. There is no run cap in the final inning of the game.
  9. Games will last 7 innings. In the event of the game being tied after 7 innings, there will be a cap of one extra inning. If after these eight innings a winner has not emerged, the game will be deemed a tie. 
  10. Swings in which a batter takes a running start to the ball are not allowed and will result in an automatic out.
  11. If the pitch hits the ground before reaching the batter, it is a dead ball. 
  12. Runners may not slide legs up or with the intent to take out the defender. Interference will be called and the runner will be out
  13. Only softball bats are allowed. If personal bats are used, they must be available to all players in that game.
  14. The infield fly rule will be enforced.

Team Rules for Eligibility and Lineups

A total of 10 players (men and women) are active on a team at a given time, either on offense or defense.

On offense: Ten batters 

On defense: Defensive pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base, and up to four outfielders

A team consists of 10 players, 6 men and 4 women. However, a team may start a game with a minimum of 9 players, of which 3 must be women.

Your team must play as many people on the field as possible up to ten. Everyone must be included. If your team has more than ten people who wish to play, everyone must be given an opportunity to do so.

You may substitute as many players as you like, but once a player leaves a game, they are unavailable for the remainder of that game only. All players are eligible to play in future rounds. When making substitutions, the gender distribution rules must be followed. If you take out a male, you must send in a male to replace him, and vice versa. When batting, teams must alternate between genders in the batting order. For example, if the leadoff batter is batter must be female, then male, etc.

Inappropriate actions or comments directed at players, umpires, or tournament staff will not be tolerated. Each team is responsible for the behavior of its players and spectators. If unacceptable behavior occurs, the offending team will be issued one warning. If inappropriate behavior continues, the team will forfeit the game and be credited with a loss. The umpires and members of the tournament staff have discretion as to whether behavior is inappropriate or unacceptable. 

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Rules adapted from the University of Maryland Charity Softball Tournament and the Pittsburgh Sports League.

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